Kenny Winterholler Wild Cow Milking

This event sounds as crazy as it really is. A two man team works together to rope and milk a wild cow. The roper/milker must rope the cow and then the mugger does his/her best to mug the cow and hold the cow in place, while the milker milks the cow. Once there is enough milk in the bottle, the race is on and the milker is running to the finish circle. But that is not it. The mugger must get the rope completely off the cow before the milker can step into the finish circle and stop the timer. Once he/she is in the finish circle, the bottle is tipped upside down and one drop of milk must drip out of the bottle for the team to have a qualified time.

Rules & Contestant Information:

  • 90 second run with only 1-loop

  • Rope has to be off the cow before the Roper (Milker) enters the judges circle

  • No horse assist while milking

  • Cow must be standing while being milked

  • The Roper (Milker) can only enter one time

  • Muggers can mug as many times as they choose

  • $75 Entry Fee (The Roper/Milker is the entrant)

  • Positions may flip for another run - fees apply

  • Check in no later than 7:30 PM at the Ticket Office by the spectator gate

  • Only 10 entries per night will be accepted

  • Overall winners will be announced at the Saturday night rodeo

  • $500 Added Money

  • First place team wins cash and buckles

  • First through fourth places will be paid out


For the 2023 rodeo, Wild Cow Milking entries will open Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 @ 8:00AM (PST). It will be on a first enter, first serve basis. Only 10 entries per night will be accepted. Once we are filled, we will close the entries for that night. You will be notified of your entry, once the entry has been confirmed.

Starting June 6th, 2023 @ 8:00AM (PST), please click on the "Click to Enter Here" button to enter into the Wild Cow Milking. Make sure to click on "Submit" at the end of the registration, or else your registration will not be valid. Before entering please make sure you have read and understand all of the rules listed above. There will be no phone entries this year, only online entries.

Please print and sign the Local Entry Release form and bring it with you when you check in for your event.